Chocolate Brown Benedictine Medal Benedictus Cover

Chocolate Brown Benedictine Medal Benedictus Cover

We've designed these leather Benedictus covers to be both beautiful and durable. They are designed to fit the Benedictus--a monthly booklet to help you pray the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as Lauds and Vespers.


The leather used for this Benedictus cover is what's known as "Old World" oil tanned, making it a soft and pliable cover. This type of leather also develops a lot of good character as it wears with time. The leather has been stamped with a custom-made brass stamp, leaving a very detailed impression of the Benedictine Medal. There is a pocket in the back of the cover to hold any holy cards or special prayer cards that you may have. 

The entire cover is hand-stitched using what is called the saddle stitch. This stitch is much more durable than a machine-sewn lock stitch, as it uses one length of thread and two needles, interlocking the thread through each hole. If one thread breaks, the remaining stitches will stay intact, unlike the lock stitch, which will unravel for several stitches. This type of stitch is also very time consuming, but results in a much higher quality product. 

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**Please note: Because of the many steps it takes to make this high quality of a cover, and as this is not my full-time job, it may take up to 4 weeks to fulfill your order. If you are needing to rush an order, please contact us, and we will see what we can do.**