Sea foam Green Kangaroo Leather Rosary Pouch

Sea foam Green Kangaroo Leather Rosary Pouch

We designed these rosary pouches to be as strong and compact as possible. The double wrap design allows the rosary to be held snugly within the pouch with little space to shift around. It also puts less tension on the brass snap, making it easier to close. Unlike other pouches, this one does not take up an unnecessary amount of room in your pocket or purse. This pouch will hold small to regular-sized rosaries. If you would like to commission a pouch for your larger rosary, please contact us.

Kangaroo leather is the strongest in the world. It is 10X stronger than cowhide of equal thickness. The unique grain structure of kangaroo leather makes it the perfect material for items that require strength without sacrificing thickness. As with cows, the skin of the animal is a byproduct of the farming industry, which is then transformed into a usable material. For these pouches, I use scrap leather left over from the manufacturing of kangaroo leather lace. All kangaroo hides are obtained under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act.

These Rosary pouches are hand-sewn using what is called the "saddle stitch". This stitch is much more durable than a machine-sewn lock stitch, as it uses one length of thread and two needles, interlocking the thread through each hole.

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